Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buckbean Brewing - Orange Blossom

Previously I purchased and consumed a Buckbean Brewing Black Lager which was pretty damn good for the price ($2 for a tall boy) so when the Orange Blossom was on sale for $1.50, I took the bait. I usually can't stand fruit in beer but I remembered that I love Caldera's Dry Hop Orange so I figured I would give it a shot. Buckbean Brewing's Orange Blossom tastes like a fucking malt liquor Orange Crush. This is the shit scumbags buy to get high school girls drunk. This beer has zero redeeming qualities. If I were lost in a desert for a week and then I came across a six-pack of these on ice I would remove them from the bucket and eat the ice. To be fair, I was able to drink the whole thing and it went down really easy but it felt like I was consuming a soft drink, not a beer. Better luck next time, Buckbean. This beer sucks my anus. 1 out of 5. Don't drink it.


Samurai Artist said...

Havent had the Buckbean yet because of the horrible word of mouth on it.

I should point out that Caldera Dry Hop Orange does not actually have any oranges in it. Its named that because the hops they use taste orangey.

Regarding fruit beers, mostly they suck but that is because most brewers brew a sweet fruit beer just to appeal to female beer fans.

Look to the belgians for good fruit beers. And Upright Brewing and Cascade too for that matter.
Ezra aka Samurai Artist

Cooking Asshole said...

Awesome! No wonder I like the Caldera.

The Buckbean Black Lager is not terrible for $2. I mean, come on. That is like the price of a PBR.

I will have to explore those other options for fruit beers but I can't promise anything!

southeastie4life said...

Where the fuck do you buy all these obscure crapass beers?!

Cooking Asshole said...

Uh...Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

Oh My God Samurai Artist, everything about you screams misogynist. Fruit beers are for female beer drinkers? Seriously? Your website and your twitter account show the same thing. You make blanket statements about women that betray complete ignorance. My female friends and I drink IPAs and other beer that you might consider to be "for men." People that like fruity beers probably like them for reasons other than gender. Furthermore, besmirching a beer because you have some random theory that it's gross because the target audience is female is pretty insulting. I think you should examine your predjudices.