Sunday, February 14, 2010

Green Flash Brewing - Imperial IPA

I drank this Green Flash Brewing Imperial IPA and wrote some shit a few days ago for my buddy, DailyBeerReview, but I totally forgot to post it here. This beer review is the basically the best one I have ever done and since it is so epic you should totally check it out. I mean, what else do you have to talk about with your loser imaginary friends? That's right. Even your imaginary friends are fucking losers. Head over to DailyBeerReview and check this shit out, Loser.


Beer Drinker said...

If a few people comment, I'm gonna send it to Greg Koch! You'll be in the Stone Hall Of Fame quickly.

Cooking Asshole said...

Fuck Stone!

GTally said...

Hey CA, I'm curious. Is your Ning even still active?

Anonymous said...

I posted (a shorter version of) this on that other crappy site, but I'll post it here too. Stone makes some good beer. Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone IPA, Ruination IPA, and Stone Imperial Russian Stout are all solid beers. However, Stone's Vertical 090909 (the beer mentioned in the article) sucks balls.

Either way, Green Flash Imperial IPA kicks ass and you should drink it.

-Sláinte Mhaith

Beer Drinker said...

Hey Anonymous. If you were paying attention, Stone Ruination IPA was also mentioned with 090909, both as sub-par beers.

I like all the ones you mentioned. And I can only wait for Green Flash to come to Florida.

The Shitty Astrologer said...

Imaginary friends!?! The nerve...You're an imaginary friend, and I have just as much reason to believe so! You owe me a beer for that Asshole! And you can read me that epic review of yours while I'm chugging it down fast because time is at a premium for me! Or is that review imaginary too? (Whaddya say Rick, didn't I sock it to him? What's that Beth? You think he doesn't give a shit? Well I KNOW he does and I'm not listening to you two anymore...)

Cooking Asshole said...

The ning is active but even I don't go there that much

"solid beer" is not exactly a glowing review. Stone just does not live up to the hype.

Ruination IPA is not sub-par, it just is not as good as other beers in its category and it fucking costs $16 a six pack. Fuck that.

Who said that?

Anonymous said...

@Beer Drinker - I was paying attention. I just happen to disagree re Stone Ruination. While it is by no means world class, it's not sub-par either (at least not to the level of the 090909).

@Asshole - "Solid" wasn't meant to be a glowing review. Their beer isn't great. But not all of it sucks. Definitely agree about the $16 / 6-pack though. Fuck that.

-Sláinte Mhaith

Cooking Asshole said...

A few months ago I was like "I think I'll try that Stone Ruination" and reached for the six pack. I recoiled in horror when I saw the price. Since then I have only purchased the 9909 and oaked AB. Stone never gets my heart pumping like other quality breweries.