Saturday, February 4, 2012


Juice from 1 Big Ass Lime

Margarita Monday can now flow directly into Taco Tuesday without interruption. The Tacogarita is nutritious, delicious, and boozalicious. It doesn’t need any pansy ass orange liqueur and it sure as fuck doesn’t belong in a stemmed glass. Just a little lime juice and a mason jar makes Tacoquila perfect for guzzling in the sun on a plastic lawn chair while blasting speed metal. Drink it.


matt said...

what do you recommend for someone way too lazy and impatient to make something awesome like this?

I already tried dunking some tacos in tequila... didn't work so good.

Cooking Asshole said...

Try dumping tequila in tacos.

poops said...

No different than spending an evening downing buttloads of shitty-ass tacos off of some crap "authentic Mexican" food truck, passing out in my own filth, and then waking up the next afternoon to piss in a mason jar. Add lime and a 50/50 mix of crushed cilantro and mint.

Anonymous said...